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Rapala “CRUSH CITY” The Creeper Soft Plastic Fishing Lures (8 pack of 2.5 inch)

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Discover the Creepin’ While You’re Sleepin’ magic of Rapala Crush City Creeper Soft Plastic Lures. This unique curl-tail grub is designed to work its charm on slow retrieves and flutter seductively on the fall. Crafted with Super T.P.E. material infused with shrimp scent, it boasts exceptional durability, suppleness, and slow-release scent in the water. Multiple paddle-style legs under the body add movement, visual appeal, and vibration during retrieval, while holding onto additional scent longer. With a range of natural and attractor patterns, the Creeper is a must-have for all anglers, ensuring successful catches in any scenario

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