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Silstar Power Tips started it all! They are manufactured of a layered graphite/fibreglass blank with a strong, solid tip. High quality aluminium oxide guides and a graphite reel seat polish off this unique Silstar range.

Cosmetically, these rods are very attractive to the eye with their metallic red colour, intricate butt wrap design, matching winding checks & shaped EVA grips. The Power Tip rod building process manages to combine unbelievable strength and sensitivity with sensational fish fighting actions. These rods have the ability to cast down to the weight of a small prawn, and yet have the butt power to stop large fish, dead in their tracks.

This performance is possible because Power Tip Rods are built in a unique way. Layers of composite materials are laid onto a mandrel to provide the blank with its basic action. Then, solid strands of fibreglass are drawn along the rod from the bottom to the tip of the core.

The strands do not stop there however, but are drawn out further, past the core of the rod to form that incredibly flexible solid glass tip.

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