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Rapala “CRUSH CITY” The Imposter Soft Plastic Fishing Lures (6 pack of 3 inch)

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3 Inch Rapala “Crush City” The Imposter Soft Plastics

The Imposter is the perfect prawn imitation.

Made from super T.P.E material and infused with shrimp scent, The Imposter is designed to produce subtle movements like that of the real thing – fooling even the weariest of predators.  When rigged on a jighead, The Imposter will hop and dart providing a seductive swim with its appendages vibrating in the water.

When rigged weedless, The Imposter utilises the back slit to help hide the hook so anglers can fish it deep into the snags where the predators lurk.

The Imposter is one of the most realistic prawn imitations on the market and will deceive fish anywhere.

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